Our Spa

Southeastern Skin Cancer & Dermatology in Madison, Alabama offers you a medical-quality spa experience with a full line of prescription-grade products to improve your skin.

Our Dermatologist works closely with our estheticians to give you the highest level of quality in the Tennessee Valley. Our mission, as in our medical practice, is to go above and beyond the typical experience. Our expectation is to be the best spa in Madison, Alabama and provide only the best to the Huntsville, Athens, Decatur, Hampton Cove, Ardmore area and beyond. Read our testimonials and research our reviews.

We offer facials (including the aqua facials), peels, facial waxing, dermaplaning and more to add to our current offerings of CoolSculptingBotoxKybellafillersfacial rejuvenation lasersintense pulsed light (IPL), microneedling, and other cosmetic products. This isn’t your usual pop up “spa” that’s on every corner or a low tier side venture that has no medical knowledge or support. We do NOT use foreign or internet obtained materials that allow huge price cuts – substandard product costs on our end would provide inferior products and results on your end. Almost any medical provider can buy a product or device, but do they really know what to do after that and how what they do affects your skin? You do not want lack of knowledge to be part of your experience.

Our cosmetic medical spa is a Dermatologist supervised (in-office) medical destination to assist you in achieving maximal skin health through prevention, detection, correction and maintenance. As dermatologists we have an intimate knowledge of your skin and what can provide you the greatest short-term as well as long-term results. Should there ever be minor complications or unsatisfactory results, we have the training and knowledge to assist and improve your outcome. We would like you to not only read about the difference but also experience it. Please contact our office with any questions or to learn more about our full complement of cosmetic spa offerings.