We have currently put our massage options on hold. We hope to add these services back in the future. Thank you.

Southeastern Skin Cancer & Dermatology offers Madison, Alabama massage in a medically controlled and supervised environment. We have created an area of relaxation for you within our medical office and will maintain the high standards of consistent excellence that we have achieved within our dermatology practice. Though there are several options for massage within the Madison, Huntsville, Tennessee Valley area, we separate ourselves by holding ourselves and engaging in the standard of medical quality rather than just functioning as an infomal spa. You will still have a warm, therapeutic session with us as would be expected from any massage – just with a higher expectation of service and consistency. We greatly thank the people of Madison for requesting this service and expect to be a reputable, reliable massage option for all of our patients and friends.

Massage therapy is manipulation of a person’s soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, fat, tendons and ligaments) to improve that person’s health and overall well-being. It is typically done manually and utilizes fixed or movable pressure or movements of or to the body. There are numerous types of massage therapy methods (also called modalities). Massage is known to affect the flow of blood and lymph, reduce muscular overcontraction or relaxation, affect the nervous system through stimulation or calming, and improve tissue healing.

People choose to undergo massage therapy for a several reasons – for reduction in stress or anxiety, improve flexibility, to reduce headaches, relax their tense muscles, rehabilitate minor injuries (as recommended by a medical professional), improve skin health, reduce acute or chronic pain, improve overall movement, and promote overall physical and mental wellness, induce a relaxed mental state, improve sleep, or for the impact of therapeutic touch. In practice, many massage therapists use more than one technique or method in their work and sometimes combine several. Effective massage therapists ascertain each person’s needs and then use the techniques that will meet those needs best.

Your first appointment often begins with information gathering for your medical chart, such as your reason for massage, medical history, surgical history, medications and allergies. For you to obtain the most benefit and relaxation from a massage, you should give the therapist fully accurate medical information, report any discomfort or pain (whether it is from the massage itself or due to the room temperature or any other distractions), and be as relaxed as possible. After the history is obtained, you will then be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort to allow access to the areas to be massaged. Undressing takes place privately in the room, and a sheet or towel is provided for draping yourself prior to the therapist returning. Once your massage therapist returns, they will undrape only the part of the body being massaged at that time. Your modesty and privacy are respected at all times. Your massage therapist may use an oil or cream (if you have no allergies to them), which will be absorbed or rubbed into the skin during treatment.

For your massage you should be clean and not have had a heavy meal immediately prior. Treatment sessions are scheduled so please call ahead to ensure that the proper amount of time is alloted for your personalized session. Specific massages or reasons to avoid a massage are patient dependent and this will also be determined prior to or at your visit, as discussed above.

Southeastern Skin Cancer & Dermatology offers several styles of massage in Madison, Alabama including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage and more so please call or visit to help us determine your needs and give you the best experience possible. We look forward to welcoming you to the premier, physician-run massage facililty seving Madison, Huntsville, Athens, Decatur and the surrounding Tennessee Valley area!

Southeastern Skin Cancer & Dermatolgy Massage