Micro-Needling From a Skilled Hand

The SKNergy Microneedle Pen is a skin rejuvenation treatment at its finest. So what exactly is the SKNergy Pen and why is it the best possible treatment for skin rejuvenation? That’s an easy one . . . with some high technology features. This process micro-proliferates superficial holes to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the proteins needed to get plumped up, glowing looking skin. As we age our skin loses volume. Fine lines and deeper wrinkles can appear, as well as old acne scars and stretch marks from the rigors of life. The SKNergy Pen rejuvenates the start of better skin below the surface that translates into an overall improved skin texture and skin radiance so your skin looks and feels energized! SKNergy skin rejuvenation procedure offers a revolutionary approach to the traditional age-defying options. SKNergy Microneedle Pen is an alternative, less expensive, and less invasive procedure.