Mohs Surgery

Prevention and Treatment of Skin Cancers

Southeastern Skin Cancer & Dermatology was founded with a focus on the prevention and treatment of skin cancers. Our providers have had extensive training in the field and strive to be the your source for education, avoidance and management of these conditions. Your physician has completed subspecialty training through the completion of a certified Mohs Micrographic Surgery fellowship to provide you with local access to this valuable procedure. The Madison / Huntsville area now has full-time access to the best treatment (highest cure rates) for skin cancer available.

The Mohs process

Step 1
The roots of a skin cancer may extend beyond the visible portion of the tumor. If these roots are not removed, the cancer will recur.

Step 2

The visible tumor is surgically removed.

Step 3
A layer of skin is removed and divided into sections. The ACMS surgeon then color codes each of these sections with dyes and makes reference marks on the skin to show the source of these sections. A map of the surgical site is then drawn.

Step 4

The undersurface and edges of each section are microscopically examined for evidence of remaining cancer.

Step 5
If cancer cells are found under the microscope, the ACMS surgeon marks their location onto the “map” and returns to the patient to remove another layer of skin – but only from precisely where the cancer cells remain.

Step 6
The removal process stops when there is no longer any evidence of cancer remaining in the surgical site. Because Mohs surgey removes only tissue containing cancer, it ensures that the maximum amount of healthy tissue is kept intact.

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